Uniform Samples

Here at All Nation Security Services we are well aware that all business and locations are not the same. Therefore we have multiple uniform samples for our clients to choose from that would best suit your property. Each All Nation Security Services employee receives a full uniform that includes; belt, badge, badge holder, boots, trousers, shirts, safety vests (if required) and jackets. Regardless of the uniform you select each uniform has company designated patches on each of the shirt sleeves and jackets. We are well aware at the officer that is dispatched to your locations not only represents All Nation Security Services but your property as well. 

Our Polo with black BDU pants is called our “military style” uniform. 

military style front.JPG
military style black.JPG

police style

Our Blue short sleeve or long sleeve button up shirt with Navy blue or black slacks is called “police style” uniform.


Blazer uniform

Our Black slacks and white button up followed with a black blazer is called our “Blazer uniform”.

  • This uniform has a company designated patch on the front right breast
  • This uniform is best suited for concierge service, hotels, hospitals and reception areas