safe in our hands

All Nation Security Services places a major emphasis on managing the quality of its operations and especially its guards and officers. Our quality management process begins when prospective guards and officers are interviewed, screened and assessed for their detail orientation, interest in our industry as a career and committed to personal success. It continues throughout the entire training process where instructors file several reports assessing each trainee’s progress.

All Nation Security Services realizes that very few of our competitors are willing to make the financial commitment necessary to ensure a quality management and oversight program begins and remains in place. 

ANSS realizes that very few of our competitors are willing to make the financial and time commitment necessary to this thorough a quality management program. We look at it as an investment in the long-term future of our company and a vital part of the customer service we will never compromise on. In short, we want our clients to remain our clients and stand ready to do whatever it takes to make that important part of our business happen.

ANSS quality management also extends to the care and maintenance of our patrol vehicles, office equipment and other real property. Vehicles, two-way radios and electronic monitoring systems are meticulously maintained and frequently tested by relevant experts. The possibility of equipment failure on any assignment is just not acceptable under our operational plan.

We specialize in supervision through a qualified staff that will check your property. Our clients feel secure under the diligent watch of our security officer’s protection. All Nation Security Services specializes in our supervision skills by a qualified staff that will check your property to ensure that your officer is in fact doing as you expect. All Nation Security Services supervisors make every effort to ensure that each and every officer we employ is punctual, attentive to details and well-groomed during his/ her shift. At the end of each shift, a highly detailed Daily Activity Report (DAR) is filed by the Security Officer on duty at your location.